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Science for life

The Photobiotechnology group of Ruhr-University Bochum (RUB) has long-standing expertise within the field of green biotechnology, especially in the enzymatic production of hydrogen and chemical substances by means of microalgae. As co-initiator of SolarBioproducts Ruhr, the Photobiotechnology team is available for scientific issues about the topics microalgae and biotechnology.  The group can look back at long-standing cooperations with international research institutions. Together with the collaboration partners of SolarBioproducts Ruhr a broad network emerged. The interdisciplinary expertise of the network partners establishes the basis for joint projects.
The innovative projects were and still are supported, respectively, by various funding agencies, like for example the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research or the Volkswagen Foundation.
Here are some examples:



Together with partners from Oxford University in Great Britain and the CEA Cadarache in France, the research partnership Sun2Chem emerged. The design of a synthetic chloroplast for the production of fuels and chemicals in microalgae is the research focus of this project.
The team of SolarBioproducts Ruhr undertook administrative tasks as well as the organisation of the network meeting in September 2017. Sun2Chem


Within the scope of the Volkswagen Foundation initiative „ Integration of Molecular Components in Functional Macroscopic Systems” SolarBioproducts Ruhr together with the Photobiotechnology group organized the 3rd international status symposium in Hannover.
3. Status symposium of the VW Foundation


German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Successful evaluation of the project outline “Sino-German lab for algae bioenergy (Sigal4NRG)”. In August 2017 the two-year binational project of the department Plant Biochemistry/Photobiotechnology group and the Qingdao Institute of BioEnergy and Bioprocess Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences launched. Dr. Christina Marx of SolarBioproducts Ruhr practices the project coordination. Sigal4NRG

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