International presence

Internationale Präsenz

International presence

More and more, China comes to the fore of the German economy and science. The alignment to the emergent economic and scientific power is an advantage in many ways. Currently, no other country invests so much money in research and development. Together with the Photobiotechnology group, SolarBioproducts Ruhr also orients towards China. SolarBioproducts Ruhr jointly developed the plan to establish a “Sino-German lab for algae bioenergy” with its Chinese partners of the Single Cell Center of the Qingdao Institute for BioEnergy and Bioprocess Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS-QIBEBT).


Vertragsunterzeichnung China
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Sigal4NRG – a German-Chinese cooperation project

The joint proposal “Sino-German lab for algae bioenergy” (short: Sigal4NRG) had been evaluated successfully and has been carried out since August 2017, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Scientific aim of the laboratory is the design of superior algal strains for the biological production of energy by means of algae. The signing of the collaboration agreement laid the foundation for the official launch of the laboratory during the first joint scientific meeting in Qingdao in April 2018.

Within the scope of the first project phase, the “Sino-German lab for algae bioenergy” is supposed to be initiated and developed into a prospective international competence center for the generation of superior algal strains.


The role of SolarBioproducts Ruhr

Apart from the proposal, Sbp promotes the project Sigal4NRG with coordinative and administrative tasks. Already two successful scientific symposiums took place in China due to the support of Sbp. As person in charge for the reservation of rooms, the invitation of scientific guests, the processing of settlements, the drawing-up of scientific programmes and so on, SolarBioproducts Ruhr coordinates meetings and events on-site as well as beforehand in Herne.

Sbp is present in China

Apart from the city of Qingdao with the “Sino-German lab for algae bioenergy” SolarBioproducts Ruhr is also operative in two cities of the province Sichuan: Chengdu and Luzhou. Within the scope of a delegation trip under the direction of the Lord Mayor of Herne, Dr. Frank Dudda, Dr. Christina Marx made SolarBioproducts Ruhr known beyond the borders. During an international symposium, the delegation comprising representatives of parliamentary parties, entrepreneurs, scientists and doctors, had the opportunity to present their projects as well as cooperative approaches to the Minister for economic affairs of Chengdu and to representatives of the city of Luzhou.

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