Who is actually behind the innovative project idea of SolarBioproducts Ruhr? Growing up as the son of a working-class family in the heart of the Ruhr area, the biotechnologist Thomas Happe was already aware in his early life that he will once dedicate his life to basic research in the field of biology. Already during his active research career, he was fully committed to life science, carrying out basic research in the broad areas of green algae and complex biomolecules in order to contribute to a regenerative future, hydrogen based economy. While being at the peak of his research career, Thomas Happe, professor at the Ruhr University in Bochum, decided to found the spin-off SolarBioproducts Ruhr in 2015. The overarching goals are a better networking of algal biotechnology, knowledge and technology transfer as well as an increase in scientific communication. If you want to learn more about the innovative person Prof. Happe, you can view the complete portrait here.

Source: © www.biooekonomie.de

Prof. Dr. Thomas Happe (Ruhr-Universität Bochum) © Happe