The event of MIT Ruhr, Ennepe-Ruhr and MIT Kreis Recklinghausen was opened by a greeting from Mr. Wüst, Minister of Transport of NRW. In addition to representatives from politics such as Mrs. Scharrenbach, Minister for Homeland, Municipal Affairs, Construction and Equality of NRW, industrial representatives from Open Grid Europe GmbH, AGR Gruppe Herten and HYREF GmbH were also part of the panel discussion. They highlighted the different ways of producing hydrogen, their advantages and disadvantages and how hydrogen can become an integral part of our economy and mobility. Prof. Happe gave a visionary outlook on what today’s (algae) research can achieve for tomorrow’s future and commented “we need systems that are independent of platinum catalysts and produce real green hydrogen”.

The fully recorded LiveStream is available here.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Happe (Ruhr-Universität Bochum) © Happe